Michael Eakin was a long-time Stockton native. He came from a family of healers and mediums and inherited the gift of mediumship. He had a near-death experience which enhanced his perceptions of the human body.

He studied for over 40 years in:

  • Reiki Master Dorothy Baba lineage: Usei Method
  • martial arts (Aikido, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Eskrima)
  • massage and bodywork
  • meditation – Taoist, Zen, Spiritual
  • medical intuition – remote sensing, Aura reading
  • mediumship (Golden Gate Spiritualist Church)
  • energy work (Reiki, Polarity Therapy, Medical Qi Gong)
  • remote sensing/viewing
  • expanded consciousness practices (Monroe Institute, Eckankar, Yogi Bhajan, Avatar)
  • apprenticeships (osteopaths, native healers, chinese healers and doctors in chinese hospitals and clinics)

He founded and taught at the Body Tuneup Massage School in Stockton from 1984-2012. He developed his own instantaneous energy healing technique that created an emotional and physiological paradigm shift in the human body.

He developed unparalleled insights and extraordinary perceptions of the body and its energy systems. Using deep analysis, observation and his synthesia perceptions of a person, Michael was able to help people develop clarity about their body, mind and soul, and their life’s purpose.

Michael experienced instantaneous healing in his travels around the world, both receiving and giving.

His clients included many celebrities, actors, directors, musicians and prominent business people.

As a result of his NDE, other consciousness expanding experiences, and his precognitive skills, his life became inwardly peaceful, outwardly calm, and he did not sweat the small stuff anymore. His goal, for the rest of his life, was to be of service, help ease suffering, and make the world a better place.

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Rest in Peace Michael - Stockton and Golden Gate Spiritualist Friends, Michael Eakin passed away early this morning from a heart attack. We will keep you posted on services. ...

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  1. Bea

    We learned so much from Michael, and are grateful to have known him. It’s hard to believe that he has passed on. Rest in peace. We’ll meet up again.

  2. Heidi Moorefield

    I am so sad. just in shock! Was looking forward to your class tonight. I will miss our conversations on fb and messaging and texting, talking. I was very attracted to your spiritual energy and smile. Your always so kind and open hearted. I know we will meet again. Please feel free to cross the veil and visit with me. I still have many unanswered questions… Enjoy your new playing field and I am sure your continuing your work and love of animals. God Bless you Michael. I read so many people views of you and you are truly a special man. Until we can hug again!! <3

  3. Wendy Fox

    What an incredible human being! You will be sorely missed. RIP Michael

  4. Laura perkett

    I met Michael a short time ago.
    I was looking foward to see him again, Monday
    night. He is a amazing man, and truly will be missed. Rip

  5. Charlotte Abreu

    I Only Met Michael Once For A Two Hour Session….He Was Able To Connect With My Son… Matthew (Matt ) Whom Passed Over From War At The Age Of 29….Our Only Child….Michael Brought Me Great Comfort…Hope…Messages From Matt…Only I Would Know…I Planned On More Sessions With Him….Sadly…That Will Never Be….Gone…But…Never Forgotten… Rest In Paradise My Friend Until We Meet Again.

  6. Clint Stratton

    Rest in peace.

  7. Andrea Boertien

    Michael was one-of-a-kind in the Stockton community. I miss our conversations and sharing of spirituality. Although he is only on the other side of the veil, which is close, it feels so far away. He is sorely missed. Now he has the answers we pondered and I wish we could talk again.

  8. Mary Keeney

    Michael will be deeply missed. He gave so much to our community, generously offering his very unique and amazing healing skills. He is someone I thought would be around forever. Another reminder to never take anything for granted.

  9. Elizabeth M. Jordan, San Francisco

    Michael was such an open-hearted, loving, healer and true medium. He shared his gifts without ego interference. He acknowledged, always , when he was bringing a message directly from Spirit or when he occasionally spoke from his own psychic abilities. What a caring, loving soul who spent this live giving for the comfort of others. See you on the other side, Michael. I’m sure you are on one of the upper planes; so I hope to reach you up there.

  10. Kari Hugsted

    Will miss you lots here on the earth plane…. xoxo

  11. Duane

    Michael was a caring friend and teacher. I met him in 1992 when I took my first massage technician class. He said our class was probably his best. We did everything as a tem, even gave him an engraved plaque showing him our appreciation. I went on to take several more hours in classes. We shared a love of camping at Pinecrest Lake. Although we never managed to be there at the same time, we enjoyed sharing stories about the place. We also each have daughters, Michael 1 and myself 2. We would talk about how proud each of us was about them. Michael and I also spoke of God a lot. I shared with him how it was relationship with God and not religion. Michael will be missed.

In Remembrance of Michael